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Unique workshops are part of the Instructor training of the System of Smart Movement® and are offered to Certified Instructors of CORE BARRE and trained Instructors of CORE SUSPEND & CORE REFORM for continuing education credits to retain certification and for innovate additions to new or existing class offerings that compliment one another.


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*Core Barre 'With the Band' and Core Barre ' With the Weighted Balls' are available for online for continuing education credits.

CORE ‘Active Isolated Stretching (AIS):  The Mattes Method’ for Core Barre (Mat Based) - 1 day  | 7 hours

The purpose of this workshop is to provide the movement professional with the tools needed  to effectively teach their clients how to ‘self stretch’ making use of light props such as the theraband, a stretch strap or rope. and assited hands on techniques to fascilitate  the stretch.  The goal is to encourage safe and effective stretching techniques and  the protocols  needed to acheive optimal range of motion.  Protocols for both upper and lower body  quadrants are introduced in this workshop.  This is an excellent workshop to increase the knowledge of AIS gained in the inital Core Barre Teacher Training Course.


CORE ‘Ballet Barre’  - 1 day | 6 hours

An excellent complimentary course for the Certified CORE BARRE Instructor with background in classical ballet, this workshop uses a basic CORE BARRE syllabus augmented with traditional ballet training elements.  CORE ‘Ballet Barre’ classes are based on the traditional Vaganova technique, yet they are simple enough to for students of all experience levels to follow.   Review the basics of ballet technique and terminology, and learn how to apply it to a 55 minute group class that is set to contemporary modern-day music.  This class is geared toward adults with little to no ballet training who would like to broaden their knowledge of the classical techniques that are incorporated into our classic CORE BARRE classes.



CORE 'Pilates Mat Class' - 1 day | 6 hours

Using the mat portion of the Core Barre syllabus, learn the practical applications to delevoping a Mat only based class that you can offer to your clients which include some new  and expanded syllabus such as a 'floor barre' segment.   Core Mat lends itself to the traditional Pilates Mat style with additional use of small props  which help to give support, tactile feedback and also to intensify the exercises.  A great new class to offer to participants that enjoy the mat work in Core Barre and want to safely transform their bodies by focusing on strength, length and control.



CORE BARRE 'With the Weighted Balls - 1 day | 3 hours

Dancers never stop working to make their feet stronger and more pliable!   This workshop brings serious attention to the foot and ankle and the muscles of the feet that need to be engaged to access it's full range of motion and to feel how the feet contact to the abs and seat!  Incorporate the hand-held weighted balls into the complete CORE BARRE syllabus of exercises from the standing warm up and weights section all the way to the mat and cool down portion.  This workout brings further awareness to help achieve excellent posture and gives tactile feedback to the positioning of the legs in the barre section.   Discover how the weighted balls can give proper grounding to improve balance and core stability while scultping the entire body.  Your clients will love the added variety of this weighted prop to their entire 55 minute class.



CORE BARRE 'With The Band' - 1 day | 3 hours

Maximize your heart rate and force production by using the light weight theraband for an entire 55 minute CORE BARRE class.   This workout is a great way to incorporate another inexpensive prop to the CORE BARRE syllabus.  The band allows the upper and lower body work to really work together for a maximum and effective workout.  It also supports the joints while automatically activating the postural muscles and mimics the facscial lines to give automatic tactile feedback.   By working with a light weight 7-8 foot band, a client can self adjust it for more or less resistance - desired intensity.



CORE BARRE  ‘On The Slanted Wedge’ - 1 day | 4 hours

BARRE ‘On the Slanted Wedge’ is an exciting new prop that we use to intensify and challenge a 55 minute class.  Discover how different angles of the slanted wedge can be used as a versatile tool to challenge a group class while keeping in line with CORE BARRE concepts and the original syllabus.  Develop the skills to effectively demonstrate and teach the specific positions and angles used with the slant at the barre and on the mat.  This class is available to teach to all levels and is an excellent bridge to further challenge balance, form and stability while providing excellent support for ankle, knee and pelvic placement.  Its unique dimensions also offer therapeutic applications to help promote proper posture and placement.



CORE BARRE Syllabus Review & Updates - 1 day | 6 hours

This workshop is designed to further develop the skills and knowledge base of the CORE BARRE Certified Smart Movement® Instructor and is a source of further motivation and inspiration to teach a well respected barre class.  The class format, specific syllabus and any updates will be reviewed along the variations associated with them. More time is spent on delivering effective verbal cues and teaching techniques that allow the clients to continually progress and refine their technique without getting frustrated or overworked.  This course will review biomechanical concepts, ballet terminology, effective programming, cueing and steps to enable instructors to effectively teach an awareness and appreciation for beautiful, mindful and SMART MOVEMENT®.



CORE BARRE 'For Active Aging' - 1 day | 3 hours

"The Baby Boomer (45-63 years of age) and senior (64 and older) populations represent the fastest-growing sectors in America and are the economic groups with the most disposable income.  What's more, Boomers recognize the importance of achieving and maintaining their health and are willing to spend money on experts in the fields of prehabilitation (designed to improve strength, stability and/or overall general conditioning prior to surgery) and corrective exercise in order to maintain their level of activity as they age.

"Therefore, the fitness industry must be prepared to address the specific needs of these populations."

- Evan Osar



CORE BARRE 'Pre and Post Natal - 1 day | 3 hours

This 4 hour workshop will discuss the health benefits as well as contraindications of exercise for the Pre and Post Natal client.  Specific exercises and special considerations for programming for this population will be addressed.  Programming design and preset workouts to music for the mom-to-be and Mommy and Me classes will be taught.  The use of small props and incorporating baby for interaction and weight will also be addressed. 



Juvo Board Foundation Course, 2 days, 14 hours, 2 Core Barre CEU’s

Latin for “help” or “assist,” this two-day course will inspire you to create endless new, exciting workout routines on this revolutionary surface no matter what fitness modality you teach. The Juvo Board’s Balance and Elevate positions let you choose a difficulty level that is right for your class or client’s body. Foremost, you will be instructed on proper use and setup of the Juvo Board in the foundation course. You will also learn exercises and sample workouts in the modalities such as group fitness, SUP, Pilates, yoga and barre as well as how to modify and/or progress exercises on the Juvo Board. 



Juvo Board Barre Specialty Track, 1 day, 7 hours 2 Core Barre CEU’s

This one-day course is designed to empower barre instructors with the knowledge to incorporate the Juvo Board into a barre class. A Juvo Barre class maintains all elements of a traditional barre class while adding more variety and fun. With the Juvo Board, barre is high energy, low impact and a total body workout. Juvo Barre combines ballet, Pilates, traditional exercises and stretching with the assistance of Juvo Elevate and the challenge of Juvo Balance. The course will inspire you to create endless barre routines on this revolutionary surface.



Juvo Board Pilates Specialty Track, 1 day, 7 hours 2 Core Barre CEU’s

This one-day course is designed to empower Pilates instructors with the knowledge to incorporate the Juvo Board into a Pilates class. All three Juvo Board positions will expand Pilates mat and reformer work. In Elevate, the board modifies exercises for clients by reducing joint impact, raising the head above the heart in an incline and using gravity to assist them in core work. Secondly, Balance will challenge your clients throughout the entire Pilates class through instability, which recruits more muscles. In Form, you will be able to help clients who aren’t ready for Elevate or Balance. Whether using the Juvo Board to assist or attain, it is sure to provide more variety and fun to your Pilates workouts.


Streching Workshop (AIS)
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Reformer Jumping Board Workshop
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Syllabus Review Workshop
Syllabus Review Workshop