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"Just completed the Core Barre training this weekend and all I can say is WOW! What an amazing program and intense weekend. Thank you Monica for sharing your extensive knowledge with our group and for being such a wonderful instructor, educator and warm, friendly person. The course is thorough, challenging and a really effective workout. I look forward to seeing you again soon and sharing the gift of Core Barre with the Lake Norman area soon. Thanks so much!!!"With gratitude,

-Erica B, Concord, NC



have been enjoying doing the Core Barre class with the video.  I am listening to your voice regularly.  I feel like I have not left North Carolina when I watch the video.  I am very impressed with the seamless transition from one exercise to another.  The class is very well-designed.  

I am very grateful that you created CoreBarre.  As I am getting older, this is the most efficient and the safest way to train our body.  It also strengthens the body to shape it beautifully.  

-Kayoko T, Exeter, NH



"I just want to thank you for creating and founding such a functional resource for us instructors. I am really excited about to transfer and use these informations to my clients at my classes. These are so useful for me!  I am your biggest follower in Singapore.

I love the way you put anatomy and movement science to the classes and I emphasise to stay within your original structure because they are safe to practice and they really work !" Warm Regards

Your Sincerely 

-Cigdem, Singapore



"A different approach to lengthen, align, tone and energize the body! It rocks!"

-Sari B, Singapore



"The course was amazing! It built on my knowledge of movement as a ballet dancer and it expended my ability to move by introducing me to a whole new dimension of movement in fitness. I recommend it to anyone who wants to strengthen their core and become a more versatile mover."

-Pauline L, Charlotte, NC



"I would recommend this training to anyone wanting a solid foundation."

-Jodi B



"What a wonderful studio and outstanding group of women training at Core Barre! Thank You for the training! I am excited to bring what I learned back to Morehead City, NC! It was so worth the 7 hour drive! Thank you, Monica!  5 stars!"

-Beth L, Morehead City, NC



"Exceptional concept and fun to learn! I am excited to be a certified trainer and teach others a healthy and fun way to strengthen their bodies with Core Barre Smart Movement! Thank you for an amazing experience in learning."

-Stephanie M, Morehead City, NC



"I have just completed Monica's Core Barre training, and I was very impressed by her professionalism and the content of her course. The handout material was comprehensive, and her delivery style makes me confident that I can teach a safe barre class geared towards the general public.  I liked her openness to the experiences of other instructors.  Her approach to barre exercises, while applicable to a group setting, are in the category of corrective exercise because it focuses on the smart strengthening of the stabilizers of the hip spine and shoulder girdle.  I highly recommend her and the courses she provides."

-Karin S, Raleigh, NC

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