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Certified Training Centers










Core Barre LLC is proud to offer 'Satellite Certified Training Centers'  that offer Teacher Training courses from the  Core Barre Systems of Smart Movement®.


Our satellite centers and Course Instructors went through a careful selection process and additional coursework in order to provide the highest quality of Smart Movement® education as well as comprehensive pilates teacher training. 


Teacher Training  is also available  for hosting at your hosting at your facility.   For more information on hosting a Teacher Training course at your location visit our hosting page:  'Host  A Course'.


Consult our 'Events Calendar' for upcoming courses scheduled in the USA or contact the Certified Training Center below by clicking on the link  to access their page.



Visit Certified Training Centers of Smart Movement® -  USA 


*Click on links above to visit their page.


For more information contact:


Certified Training Centers

What is the Art of Smart Movement®?

'Movement that appears to be efforless and graceful, while knowing where one is in space with a rythmn that is meaniful and with purpose. Human movement that is pleasing to the eye and creates good energy is something worth teaching that is rewarding to both the student and the teacher.' -Monica Hoekstra

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