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Active Isolated Stretching (AIS): The Mattes Method



“Active Isolated Stretching (AIS): The Mattes Method” developed by Aaron L. Mattes is one of the methods of stretching most used and respected by today’s athletes and personal trainers.  This workshop is geared toward the pilates/fitness/movement professional.


The AIS principles and techniques taught will enable the instructor to effectively demonstrate and teach their clients how to ‘self stretch’ the deep fascia (tissues) as well as how to incorporate the assisted ‘hands on’ stretching specific to AIS.


The AIS technique uses an active movement and reciprocal inhibition to achieve optimal flexibility. Performing a stretch of no more than 2 seconds has proven to be the key in avoiding reflexive contraction of the antagonistic muscles. AIS promotes optimal range of motion by facilitating flexibility at the joint, mobility of the spine and kinesthetic awareness that will add to athletic performance and offer freedom of movement that enhances daily health and well being.



Learn the concepts and purpose of stretching through the Active Isolated Principles specific to AIS. Learn the science behind effective stretching, the reasons for lack of flexibility and how to effectively teach a client, and yourself, to regain optimal flexibility.


Review and learn the stretch protocols within the Core Barre syllabus , as well as new material, and how they lend themselves to a well balanced class!  Learn specific deep and superficial fascial stretches for all quadrants of the body and the correct stretching protocols to follow. 



Develop the skills to teach individuals or to design a class with the use of a stretch strap or rope.  The purpose is to educate the instructor how to effectively demonstrate, program, cue and modify a stretch class of different skill levels and ranges of flexibility to both individuals and groups.


Learn how to apply the hands on technique specific to AIS.  Learn how to improve your own health as you spend ‘hands on’ time and receive the tools to effectively demonstrate, program and cue individuals and small groups.


The course provides physiological principles of specific lengthening of the muscle and of the superficial and deep fascia that is applied to all upper and lower quadrants of the body.  AIS principles are a vital part to programming Smart Movement® to your clients and will aid in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and most importantly in overall health and well being.


This course will also offer a syllabus review  of Core Barre and will award certified instructors with continuing education credits for core barre and PMA®.





1 days – 6 hours



April 6, 2019



  • Saturday  noon - 7pm






‘Specific Stretching for Everyone’ By Aaron L. Mattes – included in workshop fee.

Workshop PDF included.



CORE BARRE trained or Certified or CORE SUSPEND  Smart Movement® Instructor; Pilates Certified or trained Instructor with knowledge of Functional Anatomy.




PMA®:  6


AIS Worskhop for Teacher Training
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