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About Core Barre - Smart Movement®

Core Barre - Smart Movement® is a system of movement designed to create strength, flexibility, and a balanced body for the participant as well as the teacher.  It is based on elements of Pilates, Ballet, Athletic Conditioning and  Active Isolated Stretching.  It consists of high energy, low impact and effective exercise variations that focus on precision and control.


Participating in CORE BARRE creates a new found awareness of the body, and an appreciation for smart movement.  Smart Movement® is simply moving the body with focus, precision, and strength not only in the physical realm but also in context of general well being.  As we learn to engage in exercises that balance out the muscle groups in our bodies, we learn to balance our mind as well, which in turn facilitates clarity to make better choices in our daily living and hence promotes well being.


The CORE BARRE movements exercise our bodies in such a manner that does not cause injuries or further promote imbalances.  Rather, it strengthens and re-programs the body to move in the way it was naturally designed to.  CORE BARRE Participants quickly learn that engaging in a workout or class that exercise does not have to mean “no pain – no gain”.  In fact, the movements in CORE BARRE exercises are designed to be effortless, graceful, and energy generating, creating a meaningful and purposeful rhythm that is attuned to our bodies and its surroundings.  Therefore, the goal with CORE BARRE is to create awareness with mind and body for Smart Movement®.


The CORE BARRE System of Smart Movement® is suitable for healthy individuals of all fitness levels, regardless of age or ability. 



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Core Barre / Smart Movement Systems
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