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About Monica Hoekstra


Monica Hoekstra is the creator and founder of CORE BARRE-Smart Movement® and the Systems of Smart Movement. 


Core Barre is a result of Ms Hoekstra’s professional dance and pilates background.  She was taught early on the importance of the art of movement with her classical ballet training in the Vaganova Ballet style.  The principle of this style is based on the expression of elegance that leads to technical precision and artistic impression.  Monica wished to replicate this principle with Core Barre by means of creating a classical system of movement and education that is rewarding and fulfilling for both the teacher and the student.


Ms. Hoekstra's teaching experience spans over twenty five years.  She is a 3rd generation Authentic Pilates Instructor certified by New York Pilates Studio® under the direction of Sean Gallagher and also by Romana's Pilates®, under the direction of Sari Mejia Santos. 


She also holds a full comprehensive certification by Balanced Body®, and formerly Stott Pilates® for which she was an Instructor Trainer for ten years. 


In addition, Ms. Hoekstra is a Certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor.  She credits this methodology for inspiring her creativity and adding diversity to her teaching.   Last, she nationally certified by NCPT® (National Certified Pilates Teacher) and ACE® (American Council on Exercise), and is a provider of continuing education.


Monica is  also fully trained by Aaron Mattes in advanced level AIS:  Active Isolated Stretching and is proud to offer his methodology within the Core Barre Systems of Smart Movement®.


Ms. Hoekstra has trained student instructors nationwide as well as in Brazil and in Eastern Europe.  She is an author contributing to various publications and has written several fitness articles that describe how movement continues to evolve in the professional fitness industry.


Monica is passionate about teaching and enjoys coaching clients and students to achieve their optimal fitness goals.  She credits much of her early teaching experience to Bela Kovarski, John Landovsky and Pavel Rotaru, Rotaru International Ballet, who taught the importance of teaching a strong solid foundation and a structured syllabus and system of movement.


Her teaching style is both encouraging and motivating with an emphasis on technique and biomechanics.

She also understands the need to simply keep people moving while guiding them in their own journey of self discovery through an awareness with mind and body for an appreciation of smart movement®.




'All that is important is this one moment in movement.  Make the movement important, vital and worth living.

 Don't let it slip away unnoticed and unused.'

-Martha Graham



Teacher Training Workshops & Courses Offered for In-house and Onsite Training


Core Barre - Smart Movement® - 3 days |16 hours
Smart Movement Workshops for CEC's
Certifications & Specific Training
Smart Movement® Systems - Core Barre, Core Suspend Master Trainer
Certified Romana's Pilates® Instructor
Certified Authentic Pilates Teacher - The New York Pilates Studio®
Pilates Teachers Guild Certified Member
Former Stott Pilates® Lead Instructor Trainer
Fully Certifed Balanced Body® Instructor
Gyrotonic® Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Instructor
Gyrokinesis® Level 1 Certified Instructor
Gyrotonic® Jumping Stretching Board - Specialized Equipment
ACE® (American Council on Exercise) Certified Group Fitness Trainer
AIS (Active Isolated Stretching):  The Mattes Method/Advanced Level
ACE® (American Council on Exercise)
NCPT® (National Certified Pilates Teacher)
Ms Hoekstra is a provider of continuing education credits for:
Smart Movement Workshops for CEC's
Core Barre - Smart Movement® - 3 days |16 hours



What is the Art of Smart Movement®


'Movement that appears to be effortless and graceful, while knowing where one is in space with a rythmn that is meaningful and with purpose.

Human movement that is pleasing to the eye and creates good energy is something worth teaching that is rewarding to both the student and the teacher.'

-Monica Hoekstra

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