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About The Method

We provide instructor training in the CORE BARRE System of Smart Movement® exercise modality for teacher training and continuing education.


Core Barre and it's complimentary workshops for continuing education make up  the Systems of Smart Movement® and offer intelligent and exciting programming choices for small group settings as well as private instruction.


Core Barre can be offered to clients as private instrcution or  for small dynamic groups.   They are appropriate to offer in a fitness facility setting or in a boutique style studio.


The three day teaching training is aimed to inspire and invigorate the teacher, to deepen their own personal practice and to expand their knowledge base of biomechanics with a structured barre syllabus that truly promotes the beauty and Art of Smart Movement®.


What is Smart Movement?


Smart Movement® is exercise system that is efficient, not wasteful.  It is constructive, not destructive.  It is informed, purposeful, precise, artful and well balanced!  It creates an awareness for mind and body and one that is rewarding to both the teacher and the participant.


Our selected Master trainers offer education from many years of experience and  maintain high industry standards in bringing their best to you and in promoting the Art of Smart Movement®!  


The Core Barre System is a proven way to provide your clients and members with excellent and informative instruction that delivers effective results.


Workshops and releases for continuing education are offered yearly to maintain certification and good standing as a current and up to date Smart Movement Instructor.   Continuing education releases are designed to offer programming that enhance existing classes and to allow trainers to inspire, motivate and challenge their members.



CORE BARRE - Smart Movement® is the result of Ms Hoekstra’s professional dance, Pilates and Gyrotonic background.  She was taught early on the importance of creating strength through intelligent movement with her classical ballet training in the Vaganova Ballet Syllabus and classical pilates.   The principles of the Vaganova system are the melding of a movement  syllabus with an expression of elegance that leads to technical precision, strength, control  and artistic impression.  Monica wished to create the same with CORE BARRE by offering a classical BARRE education that is informative, foundational and inspirational for the teacher as well as the student.



"Watching people move with grace in a manner that  is purposeful and creates good energy is something worth teaching and participating in.  This is what creates Smart Movement®."- Monica Hoekstra



The Systems of Smart Movement® are suitable for all fitness levels regardless of age or ability.

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