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Upcoming Courses & Workshops for Teacher Training and Certification

Interested in becoming a Certified CORE BARRE - Smart Movement® Instructor?  It’s simple -  attend complete the 3 day CORE BARRE Teacher Training Course.  Upon successful completion of the 16 hour Teacher Training, the student will be awarded a diploma as a CORE BARRE - Smart Movement® Trained Instructor.  


To be  recognized as a Certified CORE BARRE - Smart Movement® Instructor, you must successfully complete the 3-day course, submit and pass the practical teaching evaluation exam within six months of course completion. The fee for submitting a practical exam is $75.00.  Upon successfully passing the practical exam, you will be awarded a diploma as a CORE BARRE-Smart Movement® Certified Instructor.  The certificate is valid for two years.  Take 6 (six) CORE BARRE Continuing Education Credits (CEC's) over those two years to retain certification.


Upon completion of Certification, you become eligible for unique  workshops for studio offerings and personal practice. 


CORE SUSPEND is also offered as a 3 day/16 hour Teacher Training course.  There is no certification exam required for CORE SUSPEND as the pre-requisite requires experience in teaching movement/fitness or a experience with suspension training such as TRX.  Core Suspend is currently only available for hosting and out of our partner studio in

Springfield, MO and Singapore.


Please check the descriptions for individual courses and workshops.  For more details contact us via email: or call the studio at (704) 442-8600 for more information.


ABsolute Pilates in Charlotte, NC is the flagship training center for Core Barre education in the US.   Scroll down or click on the course picture to access upcoming course dates in the USA.



Click here to access workshop descriptions.

Upcoming Courses & Workshops

May 31 - June 3,  2024  - 3 days

CORE BARRE Teacher Training

3-Day Course for Certification

@ABsolute Pilates, Charlotte, NC

March 16, 2024 - 1 day | 6 hours

CORE Pilates Mat & Floor Barre

@ABsolute Pilates, Charlotte, NC


March 17, 2024 - 1 day | 4 hours

CORE BARRE for Active Aging

@ABsolute Pilates, Charlotte, NC


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