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CORE BARRE - Smart Movement® Teacher Training

This 3-day course is the foundation course for CORE BARRE Instructor training and certification.

The CORE BARRE System of Smart Movement® is a group based exercise program that combines elements of Pilates mat, classical ballet, resistance training and active isolated stretching (AIS).


This course is designed to provide movement professionals with a firm base in the classical syllabus and biomechanics used in CORE BARRE classes. This course is for individuals who want to teach a solid execution of stabilization principles, movement concepts, ballet terminology and the complete knowledge of the Smart Movement® syllabus combined with guidelines for effective programming and simple hands on and verbal cuing.


Pilates/movement training and experience is highly recommended and group teaching experience a prerequisite.


Develop the skills needed to design and teach a barre class with the use of weighted balls of 1-2 pounds, a small stability ball, therabands and the ballet barre.  Learn the CORE BARRE concepts of stabilization, how to format a 55 minute class and teach the standard ballet barre and mat syllabus.  Learn effective and timely cues to safely challenge and motivate a class while promoting focus and precision for optimal strength and control. The course provides tools such as musical considerations, biomechanical concepts and ballet terminology to enable instructors to effectively teach an awareness and appreciation for beautiful, mindful and Smart Movement®.


16 hours / 3 days



$525 - Includes Course Materials



 May 31st - June 2nd, 2024


COURSE TIMES (Charlotte, NC)

  • Fridays 2:30pm - 7pm, Saturday 11am  to 6:30pm, Sunday  9am-3pm



Upon successful completion of the 16 hour Teacher Training, the student will be awarded a diploma as a CORE BARRE - Smart Movement® Trained Instructor.  To be  recognized as a Certified CORE BARRE - Smart Movement® Instructor, you must successfully complete the 3-day course, submit and pass the practical teaching evaluation exam within six months of course completion.



$75 due at the time of practical submission


Please contact us for information about hosting a teacher training or continuing education workshop at your facility.  For more Information contact us via email at or call our home studio at (704) 442-8600.

Core Barre - Smart Movement®
Core Barre - Smart Movement® Workshops Offered for Continuing Education
  • Core 'Ballet Barre' - 1 day | 6 hours

  • CORE BARRE 'Syllabus Review & Updates' - 1 day |6 hours

  • CORE pilates 'MAT ' & FLOOR BARRE- 1 day | 6 hours  *New

  • CORE BARRE 'With the Slanted Wedge' - 1 day | 3 hours

  • CORE BARRE 'With the Weighted Balls' - 1 day | 3 hours

  • CORE BARRE 'With the Theraband' - 1 day | 3 hours

  • CORE BARRE 'For the Active Aging' - 1 day | 3 hours

  • CORE BARRE 'Pre Natal & Post Natal' - 1 day | 3 hours

  • Active Isolated Stretching - AIS: The Mattes Method - MAT Based - 1 days | 7 hours

  • CORE SUSPEND - 3 days | 15 hours

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