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Anatomy, Biomechanics & Postures



This is likely one one of the most valuable 3 day courses for those wishing to enhance their knowledge of functional anatomy and biomechanics without feeling overwhelemed!


This course reviews the structures (bones, muscles, joints, etc.) that form the support of the human body. An emphasis will be placed on "ideal" posture and "ideal" biomechanics of each joint while helping students learn how to detect abnormalities both statically and dynamically.  It is open to all pilates & yoga instructors, personal trainers or anyone wanting a better understanding of human movement.  It is invaluable in helping you provide lasting results for your clients and will increase your marketability.



This course is designed with a built in review...

BONES are reviewed first because muscles attach to and move the bones.

MUSCLES are reviewed next because muscles act on the bones to generate movement.

BIOMECHANICS & POSTURE ANALYSIS are then covered with attention to muscles and bones because misalignments and tight / weak / overactive / underactive muscles cause considerable effects along the chain.


What you need to know as a pilates instructor...

Will be told to you!  There is no need to feel overwhelmed!  Remember, you are not an orthopedic surgeon!  (Unless you are!)


Anatomy is like geography of the body...

Knowing muscles, origins and insertions makes them identifiable in any book.





  • 3 days / 15 hours 



Winter 2015


  •   November 6-9, 2015



  • Friday 2-7pm, Saturday 9am-3pm, Sunday 9am-3pm




Early Bird registration is offered.


Course material is included in the course fee.

This course is CEC Approved and also offered as part of the cirriculum of PAI (Pilates Academy International) Teacher Training.



(ACE) 1.2 / PMA


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