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Take Care of Yourself - Holiday Health!

We all strive to make sure that all goes well during the holidays so why not make sure that all is well with your body? I am no fitness guru or nutritional expert but this I know for sure:Use your body wisely and treat it with kindness and respect because it is one of the greatest instruments you have. In return, it will give you the freedom to move and the desire to do so, which is the key to general wellness.

During your busy days, take time out to listen to your body. It will tell you when it’s tired, so please take the time to rest. It will tell when it is in pain, so please make the effort to adjust instead of ignoring it. It will tell you when your muscles and tissues are tight (or when they are weak), so work on relaxing them.

If you can manage to look ahead, you will find that the cutting edge of fitness and movement in 2013 will be focused on the fascia, especially in terms of stretching and strengthening. Take the time to educate yourself on the latest research, just as you would take the time to do research before buying a new car or new home. The body requires the same attention: Focus on what keeps you stable and what helps you move most efficiently and effectively. Seek out professionals who take the time and have the discipline to stay current and have the knowledge to explain new approaches.

Remember my favorite quote: “Twenty minutes of mindful movement is more beneficial than two hours of mindless exercise.” If you can make a grocery list while you exercise or think about your next conference call then perhaps you should rethink why you are exercising in the first place.

Lastly, don’t forget the mind-body connection. It is what gives us the desire and passion to move and take good care of ourselves. It is what frees us to move like a child, without restriction and with confidence. Your mind tells you how to move your body and your spirit gives you the grace and meaning to do so. Enjoy the holidays!

Monica Hoekstra

Society Magazine – December 2012

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