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CORE SUSPEND - Smart Movement® Teacher Training

CORE SUSPEND focuses on suspension exercises applying overall principles of stability.  CORE SUSPEND  builds on the CORE BARRE fundamentals of focus, precision and strength by further emphasizing stability, flexibility and coordination with it’s unique suspension exercises.  These exercises are designed to develop a consciousness of each of the muscle groups in the body and their respective functioning in balance with one another. CORE SUSPEND offers a full range of exercises for private a group sessions as well as therapeutic applications for rehabilitation.  Smart Movement® Instructors will benefit from the course as their repertoire of teaching will be enhanced by the knowledge and skills introduced in the course and it’s practical applications.


Learn how to teach suspension type exercises by applying the principles of stability and the progression and regression of each exercise that will challenge the individual with respect to their level of strength, stability and coordination.   Explore the areas of attention on each exercise and how to properly cue and enhance the execution of them.   Learn the full range of exercises that can be taught as private sessions or as small group classes.  Learn and understand the choreography to program and teach a dynamic class that delivers an incredible and full body workout.



Learn how to properly set up and use the suspension equipment and sling system.  Review the concepts of stabilization and develop the skills needed to demonstrate and teach a choreographed group class  that challenges movement and stabilization concepts in standing, side lying, kneeling, prone, supine and hanging exercises.   Learn how the suspension system can challenge or add more support by changing it’s angles and how it allows you to maximize the use of the more important intrinsic muscles.   Discover the therapeutic applications that are available by using the suspension and sling system and enhance your knowledge of teaching Smart Movement®!


Core Suspend - Smart Movement®



16 hours / 3 days




$575 - Includes Course Materials

$525 - *Early Bird Registration 




tba or upon request 




Core Barre, Pilates Mat training, TRX or comprehensive personal training certification.




Please contact us for information about hosting a teacher training or continuing education workshop at your facility.  For more information contact us via email at or call our home studio at (704) 442.8600.

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