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Core Barre 'On the Reformer Jumping Board'


CORE BARRE on the Reformer Jumping Board with the use of a mini wedge, is a group based program which focuses on the application of the Pilates and CORE BARRE principles and existing syllabus on the Reformer Jumping Board.


This workshop is geared toward Pilates Reformer trained/certified or CORE BARRE Certified Smart Movement® Instructors.


The workout is conducted following the same structure as the CORE BARRE class.  A warm-up is performed in a standing position to bring awareness to posture and form while warming up large muscle groups and bringing mobility to the spine.  Leg work starts with demi-plies incorporating different foot and ankle positions on the jumping board with the goal of promoting the neuromuscular connections of the feet and ankles.  Jumps are introduced in a series and cover specific goals that challenge coordination, strength and endurance.


The mini wedge adds an element of support and stability while challenging the abdominals and encouraging a more ‘vertical’ jumping sensation without the heavy impact.  The CORE BARRE on the Reformer Jumping Board is set to contemporary music promoting a consistent BPM making it a fun, dynamic and easy-to-follow workout.



Learn how to offer clients a dynamic workout challenging strength, coordination and endurance using the Reformer Jumping Board.


Develop skills to effectively demonstrate and verbally conduct a full body workout along with jumping combinations that promote cardiovascular fitness and excellent control of a suspended jump and proper use of the feet and ankles in landing the jumps. 


Dancers and non-dancers alike will appreciate the energetic jump combinations and the freedom of movement with little impact on the joints.



Introduce the knowledge already gained through the traditional CORE BARRE syllabus by using the Jumping Board and introducing plyometric work that follows a specific structure. 


Challenge the cardiovascular system with jump sequences throughout the workout as well as the smaller, more intense strengthening exercises originally introduced in the CORE BARRE workout but now translated to the Reformer.  The change in rhythm and tempo further challenge and enhance the mind body connection while building on strength and endurance. 


Active Isolated Stretches (AIS) performed throughout the workout enhance optimal joint flexibility and are a compliment to a total body workout that enhances excellent posture and form, a key element in Smart Movement®.




1 day – 3 hours     



2017 Dates TBA






CORE BARRE Comprehensive Manual from the CORE BARRE Certification Course.  Workshop notes included in the course fee. Workshop Playlist.



CORE BARRE Certified and/or CORE REFORM Smart Movement Instructor®.  Pilates Reformer trained or certified instructor.





Core Barre on The Reformer Jumping Board
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