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About Core Suspend -  Smart Movement®

Core Suspend - Smart Movement® is the collaboration of group movement specialist with over two decades of experience in the fitness industry. 


CORE SUSPEND allows every participant to build incredible strength, balance and control without the use of weights!


CORE SUSPEND is an invigorating suspension workout that incorporates the use of your own body weight as resistance.  It triggers the deep stabilizers of the body to contract and support the joints, hence helps the body learn proper movement patterns without too much 'brain effort'.  The unique SUSPEND sling system also aids in decompressing the spine and balancing the body by exercising it in multiple planes of movement that aim at developing  an equal amount of strength, balance and flexibility within the workout.


CORE SUSPEND offers a full range of exercises suitable for private and group sessions as well as therapeutic applications for rehabilitation.  Smart Movement® Instructors will benefit from the course as their repertoire of teaching will be enhanced by the knowledge and skills introduced in the course and it’s practical applications.


Done on it's own or in conjunction with other types of fitness, CORE SUSPEND will produce excellent results as it aids to quickly break through exercise plateaus which allows one to gain more benefit from any other movement practice and thus - constitutes the essence of 'Smart Movement'®.


The CORE  SUSPEND System of Smart Movement® is suitable for healthy individuals of all fitness levels, regardless of age or ability. 



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Core Suspend / Smart Movement Systems
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