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Syllabus Updates


Core Barre | Manual 2016 ©
Concepts of Smart Movement (pages 18-20) *New as of April, 2016
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Walks (set up)

-both hands may be placed behind the head (base of the skull) with palm over palm for 8-16 counts to walks, then arms reaching out in second position  for another set of 8-16 counts. finally to 'gennie' style arms in front of body for final set of 8-16 counts. 

1. Walks


c)  From Second Position, add small plie pulses in the center, alternating with the walks side to side. 

e)  Standing in a small first position with the legs, spring one foot off the floor by flexing the knee and hip, swinging the opposite arm forward to shoulder height, alternating turned-out legs and arms.



- Can perform the entire weighted section without weights.  Hands can make a fist to engage muscular contraction or 

can hold a small 'pinkie ball' in palm of hand to encourage the grip.

-Can add small pulses with the legs to challenge and enhance co-ordination.

-Can perform biceps series standing  in a 'pilates v' (toes apart/heels together with inner thight and glute /abdominal connect).





Standing, legs adducted or abducted hip distance apart and knees slightly flexed. Pelvis and spine neutral. Elbows flexed and abducted approx. 10 degrees from waist. Palm is facing upward, to set the humeral head. Holding a weighted ball in each hand or making a fist with hands.


With the palms facing forward externally rotate the humerus, from in front of the body to the side of the body, with a slight pause at the end of the movement. Elbows stay in same place. Use a 2 count to rotate the humerus externally and then internally back to the starting position. 4x slow and then 8x quick with the emphasis at the end range of the movement. Repeat. 


4.  MID BACK (pg. 32)

Palms facing downward or palms facing inward / alternating.

Increase the challenge by hinging forward to a more 'flat back position'.



6.  FOURTH POSITION (pg. 43)


Standing, pelvis and spine neutral. Legs laterally rotated, with one heel in front of the opposite heel, abducted approx. a foot distance apart. Hands resting gently resting on the barre or one hand on the barre, using port de bras with the free arm.
Bend both knees and rise onto the high half toe position with the weight of the body in the center, between both legs and the knees fully extended.


a) Articulate the feet from 4th position plié to relevé. 4x. Hold the last relevé to proceed to (b).

b) Small pulses of knee flexion with the accent ‘out’, working through the arches of the feet. 16x.

c) Small pulses of knee extension with the accent on the ‘up’ and the emphasis on the terminal knee extension. 24x *Repeat with opposite leg in front in 4th position. 




d) ATTITUDE – both legs equally laterally rotated with the working leg behind the heel of the opposite leg. Slightly flex both knees, plantar flex at the ankle and bring the working leg to a hover position off the floor. Small pulses up with the emphasis on the glute max, avoiding excessive lumbar extension. 16-32x.

e) ARABESQUE – keeping back leg long and low, laterally rotated and plantar flexed; cue to reach leg further back with small pulses, ‘accent out’ 8x / a small tap & lift, ‘accent up’ 8x / reaching femur towards midline, ‘accent in’. 8x. 




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