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Special Events - Hosted @ ABsolute Pilates


Our special hosted events, at our flagship studio in Charlotte, NC, are available for any Smart Movement® Instructors as well as inspiring instructors to attend.  Continuing Education Credits are awared for Certifed Instructors!

Come join us for some amazing and unique education that is sure to educate and inspire.











Scolio-Pilates Workshop

Februaury 7-8, 2015


The first goal of Scolio-Pilates, an Osteo Pilates course, is to provide you with an anatomic understanding of scoliosis and kyphosis.  With this understand, correction becomes a logical step-by-step process as you correct the spine in three dimensions.  Once the spine has been moved towards nuetral then strengthening and endurance exercises begin to hold the spine its new alignment.

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