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  Power - 125 -130 BPM | Recent Downloads



Power is a great resource for Certified Smart Movement Instructors.  Visit Power and music and download from a huge selection of professional playlists for planning a standardized beats per minute class without any gaps or pauses.

You can also create a personalised  'Click Mix' which allows you to choose and create a custom playlist. 

Listed below are recent purchases from Power as well as Core Barre's own click mix#1 listed below.  More Click Mixes to come!

Remember that your selections at the suggested 125-130 BPM can be used for any Core Barre or Core Suspend group class!



Best of 2013 PowerMix



Runtime-60 Min

Presenting the next fresh installment in the ever-popular "Best Of" series. 2013 was a year of musical genius, and this compilation reflects the best of the best with remixed hits from artists such as Avicii, Justin Timberlake feat. JAY Z, and Miley Cyrus. These contemporary hits are guaranteed to get your classes in the zone. Nothing screams hot like the prime tracks of today all in one place!

Top 40 Vol. 56



Runtime-60 Min

Top 40 is our top seller for a reason, and Volume 56 is a perfect addition to the series. Featuring Billboard and radio chart-topping hits of today such as "Take Back the Night," "Wrecking Ball," and "Summertime Sadness." Infuse fresh energy into you next class today!


Total Hits Vol.12


BPM-130-135 BPM

Runtime-60 Min

Invigorate your classes into action with the latest installment of this instructor favorite. Perfectly paced with a gradual ramp in BPM, TOTAL HITS! Step 12 draws its strength from a tailored selection of Top 40 chart-toppers. Featuring remixed hits made famous by Pitbull feat. Ke$ha, Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry feat. Juicy J. Lift your classes from the doldrums of repetition with this compilation of, infectious, high energy hits.


Slumdog Workout



Runtime-60 Min

This release combines pumped up tracks from the motion picture Slumdog Millionaire with world and other Indian-influenced dance songs. It's a rumbling hybrid of Bollywood and dance with mostly upbeat instrumentals and some Hindi vocals. It is exciting, fast-paced, and if you don't want to move to this music then check your pulse.

CORE BARRE #1 - Click Mix - Created My Monica Hoekstra

Bom Bom 125 bpm  / 4:02

Selfie 128 bpm  / 4:11

Shot Me Down 128 bpm /  4:11

Blurred Lines 128 bpm  / 4:56

Kiss 128 bpm  / 5:11

Yeah! 128 bpm  / 3:56

Sweet Dreams vs. Summertime Sadness 130 bpm / 5:51

Love Don't Cost a Thing 128 bpm  / 4:11

Story of My Life 128 bpm / 4:26

Sounds Like I Got A Feeling 128 bpm / 4:26

Marry Me 128 bpm  / 4:41

Rolling In The Deep 128 bpm  / 5:11

Say Something 128 bpm  / 3:56


The Instrumental Series: Pop + Dance

Item- 24422


Runtime-60 Minutes

Be heard! When it’s more important for students to hear your voice instead of a tracks vocalist, this mix is just the fix. It’s vocal free and features energy that is strong and steady. Best of all, it contains lots of familiar Pop melodies to energize and please your students. The perfect combination for a fun, effective class.


Tor Andersen Powermix


BPM-128 BPM & 95 BPM

Runtime-60 Minutes

Tor Andersen PowerMix is the perfect combination of Cardio, Toning, and Stretching. 

This release is broken into two sections - The first sections is great for Cardio and features a 128 BPM. The music is Groovy and includes both instrumental and lyrical tracks.
The second section is perfect for toning, core, or stretching, and features a slower 95 BPM. The music on this section is chill inspired and really fantastic! 


CORE BARRE #2 - Click Mix - Created by Monica Hoekstra

Boneless 128  bpm / 4:41 

Problem 128 bpm / 4:56 

Mr. Saxobeat 128bpm / 4:26 

All of Me 128bpm / 4:41 

Work B__ch vs. Seven Nation Army 128 bpm / 6:11

 Timber vs. Safe and Sound 128bpm / 6:11

 Let It Go 130 bpm / 5:06 

Mmm Yeah 128bpm / 4:56 

Young Girls 128bpm / 4:56 

You Make Me 128bpm / 4:56 

Stay With Me 126bpm / 5:16 

Can't Believe It 128 bpm / 4:11 


Top 40 Vol. 39



Runtime-60 Minutes

Our most popular series continues to impress with its 39th iteration. Get the most popular music playing on radios across the country right now. These hits are Billboard-charting and remixed for maximum impact in your classes. Students that demand recognizable music will love working out to Top 40 Volume 39.


Too Sexy Power Mix



Runtime-60 Minutes

These provocative and tantalizing songs are sure to heat up any workout.  If you liked Desperate Hotwives then you are sure to like this sexy compilation.  Set your classes apart from the rest of the pack! Don't wait another minute, order yours today!

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