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Our Ambassadors are unique and share in our mission.  They are energetic fitness enthusiasts who embody our vision to unleash their true potential in implementing and promoting the Art of Smart Movement®!


They are caring, compassionate professionals that simply enjoy 'helping people' be the best they can be.  They continually educate and keep themselves informed because they are committed to teaching respectable fitness programs.  


We are proud to have them represent and teach the Core Systems of Smart Movement®!


Meet Katherine Rice


My introduction to Pilates was over 13 years ago.  I feel fortunate that my initial experience was with the Stott Pilates® Method which has played a significant role in my study and practice of this art form. As a leader in the industry, Stott Pilates® is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates and it incorporates modern exercise science and rehabilitation principles — this makes it one of the safest and effective exercise programs available.  


I've taught Pilates for many years and I am fascinated by the remarkable effectiveness of Pilates. It becomes more challenging and interesting with every client I work with.  As the years have gone by, if I have learned anything, it is that there is a depth and maturity to Pilates that develops over time, and this experience teaches as well as inspires me to obtain even greater knowledge about Pilates.  I continually expand my training in the topics and methods that serve my clients and then challenge them to meet their goals. Core Systems has been integral to my education to expand my foundation and understanding of movement.   These programs are the perfect complement to Pilates and have provided me with the best tools to inform and assist clients with the most comprehensive and challenging programs available which are principled, safe, and fun! 


My Best Definition of the Practice of Pilates-

Pilates is an education in the fundamentals of proper movement, posture, and alignment with the goal to create effortless movement to gain strength and flexibility.


Training Completed in the Core Systems of Smart Movement®:

  • Core Barre:  Certification

  • Core Suspend:  Teacher Training

  • Core Reform:  Teacher Training

  • Core Barre:  Core Ballet Barre

  • Core Barre:  On the Reformer Jumping Board with the Mini-Wedge™

  • Core Barre:  Active Isolated Stretching (the Mattes Method) AIS 

Find Katherine -

155 Legacy Lakes Way, Aberdeen NC 28315





Meet Cindi George


“The body is fluid, dynamic and made to move.  Be patient, for fitness and wellness is YOUR journey which will weave itself in many forms throughout your life.



Cyndi George comes from a sports background including competitive gymnastics, dance and cheerleading. She holds a Master’s of Science from Indiana University in Physical Education – Recreational Sports Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, Adaptive Physical Education and Coaching from Indiana University. She is certified as an instructor in the following disciplines:  STOTT PILATES® Full Certification, and completed the Smart Movement® “trifecta” of teacher trainer courses: Core Barre, Core Suspend and Core Reform and is an Active Isolated and Assisted Stretching Practitioner - The Aaron Mattes Method. 


Cyndi is a Certified Registered Yoga Instructor from the Yoga Institute of Houston, a member of IDEA Health & Fitness Association, Yoga Alliance and The National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers and is a Reiki Master; allowing her to infuse energy work into her training sessions when requested. 


Cyndi’s extensive career includes fitness and recreation programming and operations management for corporations, hospitals, public and private schools and recreational sports facilities. She brings over 25 years international and national teaching experience from early childhood through high school and has taught at the university level, undergraduate courses in: fitness, nutrition, recreation and physical education. Her enthusiasm to teach, train and motivate clients, makes her a sought after personal trainer, manager, conference presenter and business consultant.



Pilates (Merrithew Stott® and Smart Movement®) 

Active Isolated & Assisted Stretching – The Mattes Method

Hatha, Yin & Restorative Yoga

Adaptive Exercise – Injuries and Special Populations

Operations Management & Staff Development


Find Cindi -

Cyndi George M.S.


Webster Groves, MO



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