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About Core Reform - Smart Movement®

It's a brand new group class specially designed to bring together the best from traditional Pilates adapted to the contemporary reformer.


Core Reform - Smart Movement® group classes offer a safe, energetic and dynamic flow of exercises that incorporate the pilates contemporary reformer but with a more traditional syllabus.  The emphasis is on the eccentric control, where people tend to be weaker, as well as the full range of motion and the transitions from one movement to another where strength, control and cardiovascular endurance can be further built upon. 


All the Reform Pilates classes are standardized so that clients can get accustomed to the exercises with smooth progressions and transitions  for continuous visible results leading to increased strength, flexibility and energetic vitality.  


Instruction on how to appropriatly set up a reformer with the appropriate resistance is explained along with correct spotting and safety concerns. 


CORE REFORM is the simple yet appealing approach to challenge and inspire small group reformer classes. 


The CORE  REFORM  System of Smart Movement® is suitable for healthy individuals of all fitness levels, regardless of age or ability. 



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Core Reform / Smart Movement Systems
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